The history of Queserías del Tiétar is very much tied up with the enterprising frame of mind of one particular man Rafael Báez Bravo-Murillo, resident of Madrid but in love with the Tiétar valley
who just before his retirement decided to set up a business in the food and agriculture industry
in this beautiful geographic setting.

In 1983,thanks to his knowledge of the area, its natural richness and the cheese making tradition
of Castilla y León, with not much help from the authorities but a lot of good professional advice
he started his production of the cheese nominated “Tiétar Cheese” using the 80 litres of milk
as raw material supplied daily by the two goatherds in La Adrada area.

Two years later, with the help of the masterful advice of Enric Canut and Ramón Badía they started
the production of the three other cheeses which complete the range available today in the cheese dairy: the fresh cheese “the Tiétar Goat cheese”, the fine herb cheese paste and the exquisite,
highly esteemed and award winning both here and abroad “Monte Enebro”.

In 1988 Paloma, one of Rafael’s daughters joined the group in charge of management and production
and the family business “Queserías del Tiétar S.L.” was set up. Currently Rafael and Paloma share
the management of the company now with a growing importance in both national
and international markets.
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